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About Nice2Have

We Believe that We Can Do it Better

Nice2Have was a childhood dream of us. For the last two decades, we have always felt that we need to change something in our work life but didn't find out how to do it. White-collar illusion kept us in fancy offices, while the real-life hurt with many ups and downs, both mentally and financially. In the end, we found a way to establish our own business and built Nice2Have with a passion for serving people with our best. We worked more than 15 hours a day to make this dream come true. Now, the baby steps are going forward. We know that we will fall sometimes, but we also believe that we will get stronger. No matter what happens, we, as the founders of the brand, will always take the customer experience as the priority and try to fulfill the needs of our customers with our products, such as singing bowls, button makers, and more.

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